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North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA) Archive of Latin Americana
Wilmington, Delaware: Scholarly Resources, [1997-1998].
Microfilm, 35 mm
  • F 1401 N63 C16 1997 (Caribbean) (HSS MICR)
  • F 1401 N63 C33 1997 (Central America) (HSS MICR)
  • F 1401 N63 M38 1998 (Mexico) (HSS MICR)
  • F 1401 N63 A74 1997 (Argentina) (HSS MICR)
  • F 1401 N63 B73 1997 (Brazil) (HSS MICR)
  • F 1401 N63 U78 1998 (Uruguay) (HSS MICR)

    The North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA), founded in 1966, grew out of a concern to analyze and challenge the actions and policies of the United States government and its agencies with respect to Latin America. To achieve a further goal of reporting its challenges and findings to the public, NACLA began publishing its own newsletters, reports, and pamphlets.

    This collection records the evolution and work of NACLA through its own publications. The ARCHIVE also preserves a substantial array of primary documents collected by NACLA as a part of its research and publishing program. The primary documents include materials not ordinarily available in library collections: posters, pamphlets, and fliers generated by the organizations and movements active in Latin America from 1960 to 1990. Also included are the reports and publications of various political movements and governments of the area. In general materials included in the NACLA ARCHIVE are those which are unavailable elsewhere in either hard copy or microformat.

    Note: The Library has acquired only selected portions (country files) of the NACLA ARCHIVE.

    Organization Access and Use

    A printed guide listed below describes the history of NACLA and the criteria used in selecting the documents for this collection. The guide provides a listing of the microfilm contents. Reel contents are grouped by country or region and subdivided by topics such as government, socioeconomic conditions, politics, women, and church. The roll number, file number, and frame number are provided for each document. Brief content desciptions and titles are also included. Each reel contains one or more files.

    Each portion (country file) acquired by the Library has been individually catalogued. However, all are accessible by searching the online catalogue by the set title: NORTH AMERICAN CONGRESS ON LATIN AMERICA (NACLA) ARCHIVE OF LATIN AMERICANA.

    Johnson, Peter T., and Francisco J. Fonseca
    North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA) Archive of Latin Americana: A Project Sponsored and Underwritten by the New School for Social Research: Guide to the Scholarly Resources Microfilm Edition
    Wilmington, Delaware: Scholarly Resources, 1999.
    F 1401 N62 J69 1999 (HSS MICROREF)

    Subject Headings:
    Caribbean Area
    Central America
    Human rights